Wealth Management

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Professionals, business owners and even retirees are faced with challenging financial choices. Trying to make those important decisions without the direction of a financial plan is difficult. The solution is to have a comprehensive financial plan that is regularly updated as part of your personal wealth management process.

Our Approach to the financial planning process includes:

  • Individual and family goal setting
  • Organizing your financial life
  • Retirement Planning to achieve financial independence
  • Business succession and exit strategies
  • Collaborating with your other professional advisors
  • Long term care insurance
  • Estate and legacy strategies
  • Investment management to get the most out of your wealth
  • Assessing investment portfolio and risk tolerance
  • Tax reduction strategies and cash flow planning
  • Retirement income distribution planning
  • Education funding
  • Executive compensation planning
  • Stock option analysis
  • Post-retirement healthcare

With regular planning as an integral part of your personal wealth management process, you can get clarity and confidence for you and your family.

In today's fast moving and complex investment world, you need the benefit of a global understanding of the capital markets to architect an investment portfolio aligned with your wealth management plan.

Our investment philosophy is based on a few key principles.

  • You should be adequately compensated for the risks you take
  • Your investment portfolio should provide you with a reasonable probability of success relative to your goals
  • You should not be exposed to avoidable catastrophic risks if at all possible

Your personal portfolio will be based on proven factors such as your tolerance for risk, your need for liquidity, your tax circumstances and most important, accomplishing your financial goals.

Our Approach to Asset Management includes:

  • Portfolio design
  • Asset allocation
  • Diversification strategies - strategic & tactical asset allocation using both active and passive solutions
  • Manager due diligence, selection, & monitoring
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Tax advantaged portfolios
  • Portfolio management, monitoring, & reporting

Multiple Manager Strategy

One of the benefits of working with Eric Bertz and Lincoln Financial Advisors is access to a wide array of institutional money managers to help optimize your portfolio’s performance. Instead of representing one money manager, we act as a wealth strategist on your behalf, providing access to a wide range of institutional money management firms because we believe no one firm or manager can specialize in everything. This approach allows us to access quality institutional managers and investment solutions in each discipline.

With this model, we keep an objective eye on asset allocation, sector weighting, style drift and tax events. We have access to many investment management firms with portfolio managers who offer diversified investment philosophies.

You have worked hard to build your business. You need to make sure you can reap the rewards of your hard work – have a plan designed based on the financial future you envision as you exit the business at some point.

So many things could go wrong in a business – retirement, death or disability of you, one of your partners could change everything. Ownership could pass to unintended heirs and you may suddenly find yourself making key decisions about running your business with your partner’s spouse, children or heirs. Business succession planning is a roadmap which can provide clarity after the death, disability, or retirement of one of the partners or shareholders. Proper planning can help preserve the value of the business by protecting it from the loss of a key employee and guide the passing of ownership to the appropriate successor or successors.

Our Approach to Business Succession and Continuity Planning includes:

  • Assess your needs and options
  • Assess key employee needs (key person coverage)
  • Develop a timeline and define transitional challenges
  • Review and analyze your personal and business financial plan
  • Identify and plan for your family management succession issues
  • Identify and review your owner succession exit strategies
  • Review your estate plan and tax issues
  • Address issues related to succession like equalization to heirs not in the business
  • Implementation of the business succession and continuity action plan

Why leave to chance something which could cripple your business and destroy a significant part of your wealth? We will work with your existing business advisors to strive to optimize the impact of business succession planning to retain the value of one of your most valuable asset.